Alphaboardz: The Future of Fishing Planer Boards. Experience the innovation and versatility with Alphaboardz - the first ever planer board with a foldable arm! Effortlessly switch between port and starboard sides, giving you the freedom to fish like never before. Don't miss out - get your Alphaboardz now!

Zakk Royce with his PB 112 lb Blue Catfishcaught on Lake Gaston, NC on an Alphaboardz planer board.

Alphaboardz have revolutionized planer board fishing for catfish. Being able to pull these boards on either side of the boat with a simple adjustment as well as the overall performance of these boards has helped me put more fish in boat including a new personal best at 112 pounds. Not to mention countless personal bests for my clients! 

-Zakk Royce 

Prepare Yourself

Prepare to revolutionize your fishing game with Alphaboardz, the epitome of excellence in planer board technology. Proudly setting itself apart from the competition, this remarkable in-line side planer board has been engineered to outperform all others in lakes, rivers, and expansive water bodies. What makes Alphaboardz truly exceptional is its unmatched adaptability, operating efficiently at speeds ranging from 0.5 mph to an excess of 2.5 mph. Its multi-species compatibility ensures that no matter your fishing ambitions, Alphaboardz rises to the occasion, guaranteeing the best possible results every time. The innovative high-density foam float serves as the backbone of its success, granting incredible durability, buoyancy, and resilience against the relentless effects of crosswinds. When choosing Alphaboardz, you’re not just investing in a planer board; you’re investing in a seamless, unparalleled fishing experience that empowers you to explore uncharted waters and bring home the catch of a lifetime.